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About Us

We are everything for your modder needs, where you can buy Mod Menus, Fresh Accounts, Discord Seflbots and much more for GTA V & RDR2. Everything you need is here, in KrispyMods at a single price.
As the evolution of a previous project and tired of the same old boring products on the market, KrispyMods continues being the #1 modding place around the world, with the highest quality modding services in the entire market.
We offer unique and never seen before products, adding our extra touch that makes them the perfect solution for you. We make sure to provide you with a top quality product and warranty, with the best service pre and post purchase. Therefore, we offer you a minimum warranty of 5 days or longer, in which you can request a refund or replacement, no matter the reason.
We know that some games can get boring at some point, that’s why we are here. To support our words, take a look at our statistics that establish us as the best in the market: 30.000+ orders and 23.000+ satisfied customers. Rated 4.9 with 2.000+ reviews.
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