⬇️Installation Guide

1. Turn off your antivirus. This is because antivirus often detect selfbots as false positives, since they modify Discord files. Click here (https://youtu.be/YKeGmDwE_MU) for a short tutorial video on how to disable your Windows Defender antivirus (in case you have a different antivirus, you can look for a short tutorial on YouTube).

2. Head to the Nighty website (https://nighty.one/get-links/).

3. Press the "Start" button and enter your license key, which can be found at the end of the email you received.

4. Download the selfbot files and unzip them in your desktop or a folder of your choice. Step

5. Open the folder where you extracted the selfbot files in the previous step, and run "Nighty.exe".

6. The selfbot will open and start loading. After that, it may ask you again for your license key, which is the same as in step 3. Launch Discord in this step.

7. The selfbot may ask you for your Discord credentials such as email, password or 2-factor code (in case you have it enabled on your Discord account). It's also possible that Nighty will automatically detect your Discord account, so you can skip this step. Step

8. Finish your authentication and follow the steps it may give you. Remember to have Discord opened.

9. Now, you have Nighty loaded and running on Discord! You can minimize Nighty to the taskbar now and open Discord.

Now you can use Nighty in Discord. In the next page you will find some instructions on how to open and use it.

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